Thursday, January 20, 2011

A little INTRO!

Hello to all!
My name is Conrad! I am an illustrator who is currently attended the American Academy of Art with an emphasis in digital illustration. I must say though, that I have never seen, perused, or written a blog so far in my young life....SO this world is a little bit new to me. I now see how important it is for an artist to show his/her work in order to not only recieve critques and comments, but to also meet and communicate which the immeasurable amount of people in the world who seek to express their lives, their experiences, and they're ideas. My life has distinctively affected what I percieve as my ART. I hope to share my progress and projects with this community in order to receive some feedback about what you personally think! I'm really looking foward to interacting with fellow artists and I really hope that I can somehow find a way to inspire and effect anyone that takes the time see what's going on. Enjoy!

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